A Tale of Airplanes and Napkins

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Thank you for checking out my blog.  I'm so happy to finally post.  Thanks are in order mostly to my amazing husband for creating my website and blog. 


This actually comes at an opportune time.  About 3 weeks ago I was laid off from my job, but I have to confess I'm actually happy about it.  I'm a rare person to admit that, when speaking of the times.  I've been laughing that I've become a national statistic. 


I moved to Wichita back in August to pursue a job to be an interior/textile designer for corporate and private aircraft.  I have to admit at first the job was cool but as time went on my happiness diminished when I felt I was not being respected as a designer.  The worst was asking me to blatantly copy competitors work to sell as their own.  I stood my ground and said no which my bosses didn't like.  I left my previous job for similar reasons.  I began creating my small business, Leandra George, after feeling like the corporate world was trying to crush my spirit and my creativity and mostly for trying to make stealing seem okay.  Just because they do it doesn't make it right.


So here I am, a late night crafter bugging my work-from-home geek husband and two kitties. 


For my latest project, I've been working on some cute napkins for a gift.  Unfortunately they are taking more time then I expected.  I bought a new foot for my Bernina, the straight stitch roll hemmer foot to help with this.    I messed around with it for hours before conquering my actual piece to get the hang of it.  It's a great foot when operated properly.  It double rolls the edge of the fabric and sews it down like a pro.  I got one napkin completed as a prototype for the rest of them.  Seeing the one completed made me rethink if I want to give them away.  After screwing up three of the remaining five napkin edges I turned off my machine.  The morning will go on with the tedious task of seam ripping.  I'll post pictures of them soon.

I think when I'm done with these napkins, I shall clean the world with them.

Best wishes,


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The Redpaths are very glad you came to Wichita. It is the friendships that make a city great.