"A Room with a Muse"

I've been reading this great book called Craft, Inc: Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco.  It makes sense, is clear, easy to read, and inspiring through interviews with crafting entrepreneurs we admire. 

The beginning of the book explains that having a room or place that inspires you to create is essential.  If you do and you don't like your room, change it so it does.  "Decorate your space so that you're excited and energized to be there."  Mine barely does this.  It was like we just shoved my stuff in enough so the space could function, which is about true.  Also, I share the space with my husband's at home office.  I can't complain sharing, he has one corner while I have the rest of the room and the closet.  My supplies take over.  So this book jump started me to do something about the space.  The last two days I have been ripping stuff down, taking things apart, purging myself of things I don't need (which is incredibly hard to do), and just trying to make the space work.  Here are some photos of my progress though it may seem different.  

DSCN9314 (Custom).JPG

This is just some of the many books I own.  They are taking over my quilting table.  On the left is a stackable bookshelf I'm in the process of taking down.  That's my husband working in the back.

DSCN9315 (Custom).JPG

The back left corner is a funny corner that can't really be used so I just shove stuff in it and stack that stuff on top of each other.

DSCN9316 (Custom).JPG

This is starting to look okay.  Those bins on the right are full of fabric that needs to be sorted away.

Best wishes,