Spring Cleaned Workroom

So yay, finally I'm done with my massive cleaning sprawl of my husband and my shared workspace.  I actually finished it middle of last week.  I was so excited I started working right away and didn't get a chance to post pictures for you.  Here is the prettiness. 

DSCN9335 (Custom).JPG

This is my clean organized sewing corner!

DSCN9339 (Custom).JPG
Look at that nice open clean floor!

DSCN9337 (Custom).JPG

The cork wall was some cork flooring samples that I got from my former job.  They didn't want them so I asked to take them home and make more use of them. 

DSCN9336 (Custom).JPG

Here is that cabinet all organized! 

DSCN9334 (Custom).JPG

This is my closet.  I organize everything in clear plastic stackable boxes and drawers.

Doesn't it look nice?