The Bag Lady

The local Etsy street team, Wichita Handmade, had a craft fair at one of the Etsy members pottery studios on Saturday.  So, last week I worked on some cute paper bags to give away when I have a sale.  I wanted everything to read that this is my designs.  I bought paper bags because I could screen print on them and that they don't rot in a landfill for millions of years.  I built a small screen and painted my design with Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler.  This is a great way to make temporary screens that don't require the heavy set up in lights and supplies of photo emulsion.  I didn't plan on the bags being perfect or lined up.  I wanted to do something quick and have fun with it.  Oh, yeah, I carved a quick small recycling stamp and printed it on the bottoms of the bags.  Here's a few images while I was working.

DSCN9801 (Custom).JPG

Doing a few test prints and checking colors.

DSCN9803 (Custom).JPG

Here's the first print of the reeds in brown.

DSCN9804 (Custom).JPG

The finished bag with the second color printed on it.  This is perfect line up.

DSCN9805 (Custom).JPG

A sea of paper bags.  

DSCN9806 (Custom).JPG

Not so perfect line up but I actually like the mistake.