Wichita Handmade Craft Fair

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Little recap on the Wichita Handmade Craft Fair.  This was my first craft sale and I'm happy to say, though I only sold two small items I made my $10 rent on my booth back.  So it was successful.  I was more excited to see all of the members of Wichita Handmade's items up close for the first time. 

4199_1134209882787_1453507952_344231_8267656_n (Custom).jpg 

Here is my booth.  I'm behind my pillows working on something.  There's my cute husband helping me.  For a last minute booth idea and set up I was happy how it looked.  Photo taken by JaNelle, thanks!

DSCN9828 (Custom).JPG

Here we have K-rex Creations.  These are extremely well made purses.  His craftsmanship is amazing.

n46108934_32494236_3347696 (Custom).jpg

Next is It's All About Vintage.  She uses vintage items to make unique jewelry pieces.  Thanks, Emily for the picture!

DSCN9831 (Custom).JPG

Emily was making glass beads out front.  She is a very talented painter as well.  Check out her shop, The Emily Houtz Gallery.

DSCN9826 (Custom).JPG

Here is Angelady619.  She makes cute little angels from lace.  These are great as a small gift to someone or ornament.

DSCN9833 (Custom).JPG

So I loved... LOVED... Sugar Pickle and Folk's booth.  She makes wonderfully unique quirky items.  I liked her little handbags!

This great pink booth is Ribbon Candy.  She makes cute bows and items for little girls.  Her Lil' Miss Independence dresses are adorable little outfits made of bandannas.

DSCN9829 (Custom).JPG

Here are some of Back Yard Studios creations.  She loves animals so you will see many wonderful items painted and created of the creatures she loves.

4199_1134210482802_1453507952_344236_2347359_n (Custom).jpg

I saved the best for last, The Secret Gallery.  She was going to demo the wheel but it was too cold.  Jill provided everyone with the space to set up our booths and make this craft sale happen.  Again thanks, JaNelle for the picture!



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lovely--thanks so much for this! and don't forget http://justpuff.etsy.com! :D