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Kitchen Canopy


Last month I worked on a custom canopy for a friend back in Georgia. It was made entirely of silk chiffon and hand dipped dyed in red and black. It has six panels around the bed with a long draping piece that goes across the top. Unfortunately there have been some issues with the top since it weighs more than expected, so I'm getting that straightened out. But the six panels look great. I was in town in Atlanta about two weeks ago to hand deliver it and see it up. I first sewed all the panels to the accurate dimensions. Then I did the scary part of dying them with hope of no mistake, taking over my husband's kitchen in the process. Here are some pictures of the dying process.

jessicacanopy (Custom).jpg

Here is the approved sketch.

DSCN7139 (Custom).JPG

Here it is sitting in the red dye pot. I had it propped up but it fell in! Luckily I was dying the other side black so I just dyed everything fully red after that.

DSCN7160 (Custom).JPG

DSCN7159 (Custom).JPG

After I washed it thoroughly I put the one side in the black dye. This time I shoved it in my cabinets to really hold it up without falling. Worked like a charm.

DSCN7172 (Custom).JPG

Here is one panel washed and dried hanging off my arm since I didn't have any other way to show the full length.

DSCN7173 (Custom).JPG

Closeup of the dyes meeting.

Overall, I think it came out awesome.  Personally it's not my colors but it was perfect for my client. She is very happy with it.