Clutch Happy

I wanted to learn some new techniques on putting zippers on things.  I had done the traditional zip pouch but after learning a neat trick for pillows and I wanted to try it but for a clutch.  I was also inspired to figure out how to do a zip in the middle of the clutch while having everything finished on the inside.  After digging through my many books and online I figured it out.  I also wanted an excuse to do some small thread sketching pieces.  Here are pictures of my test projects.


DSCN8247 (Custom).JPG

This one is made of raw silk with silk charmeuse that I dyed fused onto it.  The purple is naturally dyed with logwood and the yellow is MX Procion dyed. Then I free motioned embroidered on top of the circles.  The embellishment was a test for pillow I want to make similarly.  The zipper is hidden down a bit instead of up and noticed like a normal zip pouch.


DSCN8251 (Custom).JPG

Here is the back.  I just did some fun stitching to hold all the layers together.  There is some heavy interfacing sandwiched inside to add more stability to it. 


DSCN8253 (Custom).JPG

The inside has the same logwood dyed silk charmeuse. 



Now, I love., just love this clutch so much I don't think I'm going to give it up.  I've already put my personal stuff inside it.  I took it out shopping and got a ton of compliments on it.  It's a great opportunity to pass my business cards on.  It's based off my Bird of Paradise Pillow, which my step mom now owns.  

DSCN8262 (Custom).JPG

It's made entirely of scrap fabric!   Silk, cotton, polyester, and unknowns.  I have this huge habit of never throwing any scrap or small piece of fabric away.  I pieced the bottom portion.  Some of the fabrics have been hand dyed.  Then I appliqu├ęd the bird and free motioned a tree on the front.


DSCN8265 (Custom).JPG

Here is the awesome back.  I free motioned this tree too to coordinate with the front.


DSCN8270 (Custom).JPG

The inside is made of cotton dyed in logwood.  There is a little pocket big enough to hold credit cards.