Insomniac Create-a-thon

Last week I went through a major insomniac faze.  I just started working on some projects and couldn't stop.  I was so in the creative zone that when I got into bed the first night I couldn't get my brain to stop thinking.  So I got up and worked through the night and continued to do so for another 36 hours!  I have no idea what came over me.  I just had this need to make things.  I still have this need but luckily my body is seeing the need to make me sleep now.  Here are some pictures of the first project I completed in this marathon of no sleep.  It's a quilt I made for my husband's grandparents.  It was their 60th anniversary this past weekend so they had a family reunion.  We couldn't make it, so I made this for them and sent it in our place.  I hope they like it.


DSCN8127 (Custom).JPG

This is a log cabin layout ready to work on sewing.


DSCN8125 (Custom).JPG

Here are a few of the completed squares.


DSCN8133 (Custom).JPG

On a few squares throughout the quilt I free motioned embroidered leaves on them.


DSCN8142 (Custom).JPG

Here is the completed and washed quilt.  I love how quilts look after they've been washed.  They pucker up all cute.


DSCN8148 (Custom).JPG

Close-up of one of the puckery squares.


DSCN8143 (Custom).JPG

The back is made up of that fabulous Jacobean print I wrote about earlier.


DSCN8154 (Custom).JPG

I draped it on the lazy boy just for some fun pictures.



I almost didn't want to give this quilt away.  When I finished it I was so in love with it.  Richard had to remind me to send it on.  Well, I just hope they love it as much as I do.


I'll post pictures of the other projects in my Insomniac Create-a-thon soon.