Projects of an Insomniac

Here is a continuation of some of the other things I worked on in my 36 hour crafting spree. 


DSCN8155 (Custom).JPG

This is a pillow I worked on by doing some free motion embroidery.  It was inspired by those Jacobean print fabrics that I can't get enough of.

Prussian Jacobean (4) (Custom).JPG

Here it is, Cream Jacobean, finished all pretty for sale.  I made the other two in this photo as well during this time.  I also have a fourth that is black and white for sale in my shop.


DSCN8157 (Custom).JPG

My step mom asked me to make a purse for her inspired by one she found online.  Here is a pattern I figured out for it.  The fabric had to be ordered so I can't finish it at this point.  I will make sure to add pics when I start working on the actual bag.


Garden Napkins (1) (Custom).JPG

I had a bunch of little scraps left from the quilt I made for Richard's grandparents so I made this cute little set of napkins.  I pieced the scrap together and sewed it on some unbleached cotton for a cute detail.  I love reusable napkins.  We have a set and reusable "paper" towels.  Richard and I use them for everything and love that they are eco friendly.  We haven't bought paper towels or napkins in months.


I hope you enjoyed my projects as much as I enjoyed making them.