Busy Bees


I know I haven't posted in awhile.  I've been very busy with all kinds of craziness.  Like I mentioned in my previous posts I will be moving by mid November latest, which we have yet to decide, Denver or Portland.  Because of this I started working on Christmas presents since I won't have time after the move.  All of the Christmas gifts are made completely of scarp pieces of fabric that would have otherwise been thrown away.  I've also had a few custom jobs and some wedding gifts.  I've also been trying to make up some things for my papernstitch exhibit going up Wednesday.  September is going to be crazy.  My husband might be going to Denver at the beginning for work and I will go to see if I like the area.  We will then drive to our friends wedding reception in Cincinnati.  They just got married in Jamaica.  Followed by a short drive by visit to my mother's bakery in Horse Cave, Kentucky to teach a few dyeing classes, screen print some shirts, and possibly have some custom work with a local bed and breakfast.  Oh yeah, I just purchased a screen printing machine, I can't wait for it to get in!   Then I've been helping with my local Etsy team for our very busy next few months.  I will be participating with two other Etsy locals in the USHwy36 Treasure Hunt in September.  It's a 400 mile long flea market, fair thing.  Then we are doing another Craft in Public night, Parking lot sale beginning of October followed by a local parade.  Sometime in this mess my husband and I will be flying out the Portland so we can come home and fight over which city we want.  I want Portland he wants Denver.  Well, then we have to find an apartment, pack, and move.  Whew, busy busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love being a busy bee.  I'll try to at least post some quick updates and pictures soon and during. 





Oregon has an amazing crafting community--I don't know much about Denver. I'm excited for your move, and a little sad. It's so far away!

You do have a very busy month ahead of of you, love! The fleamarket sounds fantastic, though.

Miss you!

Yeah, that's why I want to go to Portland. We're more interested in the Boulder area outside of Denver, it's supposed to have a good art scene. They may be far but it's an excuse to come visit a cool city.

Miss you too!