Fancy Floral Headbands

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I have been in love with the headband trend since it became popular to wear them again.  They are also more comfortable than I remember when I was a kid.  My friend Julia inspired me to make some.  She seems to always wear fantastic colors and have big flowers in her hair.  She's so stylish.  I went into her facebook profile and grabbed some pictures of her that inspired them, hehehe.  Then I created a few last night. 


I used some sample swatch fabric that was going to be thrown away to make the bands.  The fabric is a very expensive velvet swatch.  I sewed a piece of elastic on the underside.  The flowers were from some poly organza I had bought for my wedding to put on the tables.  My mom salvaged and saved me the fabric to reuse.  I cut just over 20 circles of the organza fabric going down in size a little every couple circles.  Then I took a lighter and burnt around the edges of each circle.  I sewed the flower down to the bands and added a final touch of glass beads to the center. 


DSCN8671 (Custom).JPG

I made three, plum, red, and blue. 


DSCN8657 (Custom).JPG

I made the plum one with the intention of giving it away but it matched my clutch so well I decided to keep it.  Doesn't it look fab on me?  I'll just make another one for my friend.




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Very cute! Are you selling them on etsy?