Tree Trials and Tribulations

I was recently commissioned to make a super fabulous little purse for my step mom.  In the process of making it I had some problems getting the tree design to look right.  After a few takes I was able to complete it for her.  I really love the end result.  Here are the work in progress photos.


DSCN8420 (Custom).JPG

So I had planned on stitching the tree like on my clutch shown in a previous post.  Since the fabric was a woven tweed like material the stitching fell down into the fabric and looked just plain messy.


DSCN8422 (Custom).JPG

I then took a scrap of the fabric and tried felting on it.  I hand carded the color wool I wanted then felted it down with my Bernina Needle Punch foot.  It looked messy again.


DSCN8432 (Custom).JPG

Then I resorted to cutting the tree out of fabric.  But I didn't want to sit and roll the edges under and appliqué a bunch of tree branches, because well that's just insane.  I remembered I had some gorgeous expensive wool fabric samples that my former job gave me.  I found the color I wanted cut the tree out then free motioned embroidered it down with the same color thread.  I love the out come.


DSCN8443 (Custom).JPG

Here's the finished bag.  It's super cute.  Even though it has been sold and mailed to my step mom please check out the listing to see other views and the inside of the purse.