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Rainbow Dyeing

I was asked by an Etsy customer recently to create some custom dyed fabric.  She asked if it could be dyed similarly to Nicole Richie's Cammie Hill baby bag.  She is going to make a baby bag too.  It was mailed off this morning to Canada to a very happy customer.  So here is the process and the final product.  


get_convo_image.php (Custom).jpg

This is the image the customer supplied me with.


DSCN8808 (Custom).JPG

I pretty much used the directions off of Dharma Trading for the soda soak method.  Here it scrunched up and tied after being soaked in soda ash.


DSCN8809 (Custom).JPG

Here's the three colors mixed up, magenta, bright blue, and lemon yellow.


DSCN8810 (Custom).JPG

I like to put the fabric in a big plastic box with a rack underneath to keep it suspended up as some of the dye drips down. 


DSCN8812 (Custom).JPG

The box is great because I can put the lid on it and leave it to cure.


DSCN8841 (Custom).JPG

Here is the finished yardage.  It's 100% cotton canvas.  You can check out the sold listing for more images of it.