Decorating Diva

What's new with me is decorating our apartment.  I can't go overboard but painting and recovering furniture will change up any room cheap.

DSCN7166 (Custom).JPG

I did this a few months ago on our living room wall.  I love the graphic.  I drew the image and projected it on the wall to trace.  Then I painted around it.


DSCN9719 (Custom).JPG

So last month Richard couldn't take sharing an office anymore and moved my stuff out of our mega huge closet to make into his space.  We hung up curtains, added space invaders wall decals, pictures, and now it looks like a real office space. 


I was left with a disaster in my office space.  I reorganized, got a new bookshelf, and moved stuff around to make it work.  Last week I finished painting my main wall.  I painted the base a pretty antique yellow then stenciled my own graphic on it in black.  Then I hung a row of cork along the whole mid of the wall for hanging stuff.  The cork was flooring from my former job.  They were going to throw it out so I took it home to use.  Richard installed a light from Ikea because I didn't have enough lighting in the room.


DSCN9584 (Custom).JPG

Here's my new office space.  On the far right Richard was installing some shelves.  They are up now.  I love my office.  Really love!


DSCN9587 (Custom).JPG

When I finished I noticed the bench to my loom was looking drab.  So I screen printed the same stencil I used for the wall in yellow on some black linen.  Then I recovered my bench. 


DSCN9588 (Custom).JPG

What I found under the bench was some horrible green vinyl and nasty foam.


DSCN9594 (Custom).JPG

I put new foam, batting, and the fabric I printed on it.  It's so pretty now. 


DSCN9632 (Custom).JPG

My cat Tabitha has claimed it as her bench.


cart b&a (Custom).JPG

I also took an old microwave cart my mom gave me and repainted it.