Little Living Trees

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Richard and I, in our efforts to be greener, bought 5 fruit trees to keep in our apartment like a little orchard.  So instead of getting the usual cut tree for Christmas this year we got a potted living tree.  Being potted it is small.  The tree itself is about four feet but potted it sits just over five.  We ran into a dilemma, our ornaments wouldn't fit so we raided the tiny ones at Target on sale.  For years I've wanted to have a coordinated tree, so this has been my chance.

DSCN9849 (Custom).JPG

Here's our little tree.  I made that tree skirt for our first Christmas. 


DSCN9850 (Custom).JPG

We also don't have a tree topper that is small enough, nor could we find one that we liked.  I did however find this beautiful bird ornament so I put him up top.  I also added part of our wedding cake topper up with him.


DSCN9912 (Custom).JPG

Though we had to buy new little ornaments we did add a few of our own that were small enough, but this guy, though large, had to be on the tree.  My friend Holli made him for us this year.  I thought it was so cute when I opened the box.  He's a goat!  My family had a goat and llama farm when I was in high school when I met Holli.


One downside is I think I'm allergic to our Christmas tree.  While repotting it my hands got a bit red and puffy and burned horribly.  I washed my hands and took some allergy medicine which seemed to work.  I only notice it when I touch it, otherwise it doesn't bother me.  Now I do live with two fuzzy meow meows I'm allergic to.  I'll learn to live.




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Oh, I am so glad the ornament arrived safely. :)

The tree is beautiful!