A Tale of the Swan Chairs

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A few months ago I bought some chairs from USHwy36 Treasure Hunt for $10.  I got all four for only $10!  They were looking pretty ugly, but I saw potential. I'm so excited to finally share my dining chair project.  It's taken me awhile because I was debating what to recover them in.  I screen printed some fabrics for them but didn't love it.  I finally made up my mind, so here is my reveal!

Dining Chair Before (Custom).jpg

This is the chair before.  The fabric was some gross burlap/heavy twill awful.  The foam was thin and nasty.  The wood, as you can tell, needed a face lift.


Dining Chair After (1) (Custom).jpg

Dining Chair After (2) (Custom).jpg

Ta da and after!  I sanded the wood and painted it a nice chocolate brown.  I added new foam.  I recovered the chairs in some beautiful linen and added a cotton ruby inset to match my handmade table linens.  I machine appliqu├ęd the cute graphic flowers to the linen on the seat.  Two are in the black flower print and two are in the brown flower.  The print came from Zarin fabrics in NYC that I bought while visiting last summer.  My husband was kind enough to screw the chairs back together after I had problems with the drill.


Awhile ago we sanded down our dining table and refinished it because it was all scuffed up from moving a few times.

Dining Table Before (Custom).jpg

Here is it taken apart but before we sanded and stained it.  The top was natural wood while the legs painted white.


Dining Table After (1) (Custom).jpg

Here are the chairs at the finished table!  We stained the table in a nice dark finish.  Ignore the two end chairs, they are temporary.  I have yet to find some end chairs to replace them... or maybe a bench for one end.  But alas, here it is so far. 


We have been sitting on metal folding chairs for months while I hunted for some chairs to refinish, but it was well worth the wait.  They are comfy and pretty.  I heart!  The kitties like them too :)




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I love the chairs! They are beautiful!