House Repairs

This past weekend Richard and I drove to Dallas to fix up some minor stuff on our house.  We rented our house for just over year.  Since we recently put it up for sale we needed to fix up some renter damages and do some basic up keep to our house.


Richard worked outside cleaning up the yard and fixing the shed that had sustained damage over the year from natural wear and tear.  He cleaned up all the matted down leaves and planted some flowers to give our small back yard some color. 


I hate renters.  In general people are terrible to places they don't physically own.  I feel like I'm a very good renter.  Probably the only thing I can see that could be a problem is I like to paint the walls.  I cannot live in a white world.


I worked inside the house repainting all of the woodwork.  I'm saying all baseboards, doors, doorframes, and cabinets.  Our property manager thought the tenants had used a harsh abrasive cleaner to all those surfaces because you could see white marks all over them.  I discovered they were not cleaned they were painted!  All of the woodwork is off white in color.  They used generic cheap white paint all over the woodwork as if to hide the markups.  We suspect it was used to paint over dirty areas instead of cleaning.  I was annoyed by the kitchen the most since I had freshly painted the walls and cabinets before we left.  My brother lives in Dallas and was wonderful to come over and help me out.


I found an outlet cover that had been wood glued back onto the wall.  Seriously!?  Those are like 99 cents to get a new one and screw back on.  That was fun having to pry it off the wall.


I can't complain too much.  Overall, they were good renters.  We didn't have any holes in walls, rotting floors, or something else major.  It was just annoying. 


We finished up Monday morning and headed home.  The house looks nice.  Now let's hope it will sell.