Kitty Birthdays and the Answer to Life

First off, I have to say... Happy Birthday to my kitty, Matilda!  She turned 4 years old today.  Here is the birthday girl.  She had a pink bow on but wiggled around so much it became a tie. 


DSC00190 (Custom).JPG

This evening I finished Richard's pannier bags for his bike.  They are the same bag design as mine just different colors and embellishments. 

DSC00207 (Custom).JPG

He is a geek so he asked for "42" to be put on his bags.  It's the answer to life from "The Hitchhiker's Guild to the Galaxy".  Richard actually picked out the fabric color and the font for his 42.  Both bags are the same.  I appliqu├ęd the 42 down with a zigzag stitch around the edge.  I think they look pretty sharp with Richard's bike.


DSC00209 (Custom).JPG

Here is a back view of both.


We'll be shopping all over town on our bikes now!