Living Room Tour

I didn't mention, Sunday my orange fluffy kitty, Tabitha celebrated her 5th birthday!  Here is a cute picture of her with my new camera.


IMG_0067 (Custom).JPG

After I excitedly got my camera yesterday I began to take pictures like mad of all the things I had planned to. 


I just recovered some glider/rocker chairs we have.  They were given to us by my mother.  Richard and I don't mind them but the horrible plaid doesn't match our aesthetic.  So a few months ago I made the living room floor a screen printing area.  I printed a design I created with thickened dye so it would soak into the material.  That worked okay, had some misprints because our floor isn't as flat as I thought.  I became a smurf in the process. 


IMG_0035 (Custom).JPG

Here is the rocker in its plaid awfulness.


IMG_0022 (Custom).JPG

Now with the newly made covers!  They are right over the plaid.  I didn't want to mess with taking the plaid off.  Also, when/if we decide to get rid of the rockers I can take the covers off to salvage the fabric I printed.  There are zippers to easily remove the covers to wash.  I made those two pillows too.  The aqua one is made of silk dupioni and I stitched some French silk antique lace down on it.  I inherited the lace from my great grandmother who was a seamstress.  The orange one is from a print fabric at Ikea.  Love that store.


IMG_0031 (Custom).JPG

Here is the other rocker with another pillow I made.  Most of those fabrics in the pillow are scraps or material samples.  This rocker sits next to our mini forest of fruit trees.


IMG_0039 (Custom).JPG

If you read my blog then you've seen this wall.  But here is a view to see the newly covered rocker in it.  I like it!


IMG_0050 (Custom).JPG

Since a couch is an expensive buy I had to make our futon work.  It needed to be more comfortable so I put a piece of memory foam on top of the futon mattress.  Then I bought a white futon cover and dyed it the turquoise color.  It's not my best dye job but it works.  Then I put lots of pillows on it.  Most of them I made.  The poppies art quilt I made a few months back was for the couch.  I thought it needed something thrown over the back.  For now this works, but I still want a couch.


lazy chair pillow.jpg

This is one of my favorite pillows I made for us.  It sits on Richard's Lazy Boy chair.  [Click image to see larger]


IMG_0041 (Custom).JPG

We recently mounted all of our bikes onto the ceiling.  They were in the way.  It's a pulley system mount.  It's really easy to get the bikes up and down.


Hope you enjoyed!