Spring for Biz

Right now, I feel like everything has hit me all at once.  I also feel like all the right doors are closing and many new ones are coming fast.  I've had the chance to meet some wonderful people and gain some great opportunities.

Because of this I am a busy bee lately.  I feel like when I have lots of things going on and deadlines to hit, I get more done.  I have a bunch of projects I need to get done before the end of the month.  Wedding gift, baby gift, art submissions, and many unfinished home projects.  I've been in the habit of lending my time to others too.  Helping a friend with the finishing touches on the office we designed.  Teenage birthday party tomorrow; I made the decorations. 

With business stuff, the list is ever growing.  I'm getting ready to register for a business ID.  This has made me see I need to reorganize things and rethink others.  I also need to recreate some new spreadsheets for my items.  I discovered while my current one is good with organizing my Etsy store, it's not so much when it comes to items for consignment. 


That's right consignment.  Many of the items I'm currently selling online are moving offline.  They will be selling at The Onion Tree, located 120 N. Hillside.  This shop will be dedicated to selling handmade goods.  Bridget, the wonderful owner, has been doing a great job on the store.  It looks really nice.  There will even be an area for teaching classes there.  You are welcome to stop by and shop now but the Grand Opening will be June 5. 


There are also some other good things pertaining to my biz that will be happening soon but I'm keeping quiet until I know more.  I'll keep you posted when I can.