The Onion Tree

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As I impatiently wait for my new camera to be delivered to me today, I wanted to let yall know about the new boutique in town. 


The Onion Tree (Custom).jpg

The Onion Tree is a modern gift boutique.  All the items for sale are handmade!  There is jewelry, hats, pillows, purses, and much more.  It is owned by the lovely Bridget who moved back to Wichita to start this shop.  While living in Portland, Oregon she loved all the shops that were dedicated to handmade items but saw the market was oversaturated.  She decided to bring this idea to an area that lacked a store of this nature.  It's a wonderful idea for Wichita and a great way for local artists to get recognized.


The store is open now for everyone to visit but The Grand Opening of The Onion Tree is June 5 from 5-8pm.  There will be hors d'oevers and refreshments to celebrate the occasion. 

It is located on 120 North Hillside, Wichita, Kansas. 


This is a great way for those of you who admire my handmade goodies to see them in person.  Most of the items I had listed online have moved offline to be sold at The Onion Tree.  So please, everyone check it out!  I will not be able to make the grand opening as I will be out of town for a wedding but I ask that you go. 




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Your site is wonderful! I have just been visiting it for the first time and now I can't wait to see your store! I am a furniture redesigner (but I consider myself an artist) and did not see furniture. Does your store sell furniture and, if so, are you interested in acquiring more? ~Susan