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Father's Day Gifts

Last week was Father's Day!  I made my Dad a Hawaiian shirt.  When we went to Hawaii a few years ago and he picked out some fabric.  He failed to send me his measurements to make him the shirt. My lovely Step Mom was kind enough to do that, so now he finally has his shirt.  I don't have a picture yet.  I figured it would be better to get one with him wearing it. 


IMG_0345 (Custom).JPG

My Step Dad hates squirrels.  Plain hates them.  I like to send him things with squirrels on them to mock his hate.  So I made him this little pouch.

IMG_0343 (Custom).JPG

Here is the back.


IMG_0333 (Custom).JPG

It also happened to my Step Mom's birthday.  She isn't fond of celebrating her birthday so I told her Happy Father's Day instead.  I made her this cute tote bag.  It's from a free pattern off of Denyse Schmidt's website.


What did you make/give/do for your dad?




Summer Gathering

About two weeks ago we had a little get together for some of our friends at our place.  I had to share the pictures of the wonderful food my husband, Richard, made.  He's a fantastic cook.  


IMG_0319 (Custom).JPG

Here's the spread with all the yummy goodness.


IMG_0314 (Custom).JPG

I kept eating these, Semolina disks with a Caprese Salad on top. 


IMG_0315 (Custom).JPG

We had none of these left by the end of the night, Bacon and Guacamole Canap├ęs on homemade wheat bread.


IMG_0316 (Custom).JPG

Richard has wanted to make onion rings for quite some time.  He fried up Vidalia Onions and Asparagus.  The dipping sauce he made was delicious! 


IMG_0318 (Custom).JPG

Ready for dessert, Strawberries and Lemon Curd.  Homemade pound cake with fresh lemon curd buttered on, topped with macerated strawberries and homemade whipped cream.


Our friend Cynthia made some yummy homemade salsa.  I made a few things but they are pale in comparison to Richard's amazing cooking.  I had more fun decorating the table. 


Hungry yet?



Verb [Nest]


Quite awhile ago I was asked by a tweep, yes someone I met off twitter, if they could come do an apartment interview.  So a few weeks ago Denise, who writes for Verb ICT on the side, came to take pictures, chat with us, and be fed by Richard.  Here is the article about our place!


Verb [Nest]


The area downtown we live in is buildings that used to be warehouses.  Many have been converted into shops, restaurants, and bars.  Our building is all loft apartments.  Hope you enjoy!




A Marriage of Geeks

This past weekend Richard and I drove down to Dallas to celebrate his friend/coworker Stephen get married.  So of course I made the newlyweds a wedding gift.  Me buy from a registry!?


IMG_0132 (Custom).JPG

Here is the full set sans the magnets.  I didn't even realize I forgot the magnets in the photo until this evening, oh well.  They received oven mitts, oven squares, a set of 8 napkins, a set of 8 coasters, and of course some magnets.


IMG_0098 (Custom).JPG

Oven Mitts


IMG_0105 (Custom).JPG

Oven Squares.  These are great to use for anything hot.  You can use it to set a hot pan or dish on or use it to grab things out of the oven with.


IMG_0115 (Custom).JPG



IMG_0084 (Custom).JPG



IMG_0139 (Custom).JPG



Stephen and Kelly are an adorable couple and we wish them the best.