A Marriage of Geeks

This past weekend Richard and I drove down to Dallas to celebrate his friend/coworker Stephen get married.  So of course I made the newlyweds a wedding gift.  Me buy from a registry!?


IMG_0132 (Custom).JPG

Here is the full set sans the magnets.  I didn't even realize I forgot the magnets in the photo until this evening, oh well.  They received oven mitts, oven squares, a set of 8 napkins, a set of 8 coasters, and of course some magnets.


IMG_0098 (Custom).JPG

Oven Mitts


IMG_0105 (Custom).JPG

Oven Squares.  These are great to use for anything hot.  You can use it to set a hot pan or dish on or use it to grab things out of the oven with.


IMG_0115 (Custom).JPG



IMG_0084 (Custom).JPG



IMG_0139 (Custom).JPG



Stephen and Kelly are an adorable couple and we wish them the best.