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I've had a little bit of attention lately.  It's all local news but it's still great!

Last week Bridgit at The Onion Tree was interviewed by the local paper, The Wichita Eagle, about her shop.  I love how she's been getting a lot of good press for her shop.  She was kind enough to put a few words in for me.  I happen to be dropping off inventory when the photographer came so I'm the person in the background pretending to shop, hehehe.

Onion Tree boutique sells local artists' work

I was interviewed awhile ago by a local magazine, The Naked City, about selling on Etsy.  The article came out this month.  Sarah, who wrote the article, was wonderful to meet with and did a great job on the story.

Wichita, Meet Etsy



Now, can you say that title five times fast?  Anyways onward, I really needed to make a camera case for my new digital camera.  Why buy one when you can make one, right?  So I whipped this up last week to have in time for the Quilt Show.  Well, whipped is an understatement.  It took longer than expected.  Figuring out how to do the top zipper was difficult for me.

IMG_0427 (Custom).JPG

I made it from scrap fabric from my bicycle bags.  So it matches my bike bags and my purse.  I'm color coordinated!

IMG_0431 (Custom).JPG

Here is the back.  I put in a zip pocket on the back to hold whatever.  The strap is removable.

IMG_0440 (Custom).JPG

I had and still have a ton of high density foam left over from the dining chairs I recovered.  I used the foam for padding in my case.  The case is bigger than my camera so it can hold other items like extra batteries and my little tripod.  I covered some spare foam to make a few dividers for the bag.

IMG_0441 (Custom).JPG

Here is the inside with one of the dividers.  There is a small side pocket to hold things.

I've been hauling, bike riding, tossing it over my shoulder all over town and my camera is doing fine.  I'm really happy with how it came out.