Little Zip Wallets

I've been crazy busy the last few weeks I haven't had a chance to post anything.  What's new with me?  Another place in is now carrying some of my items, Rebecca's located in Old Town.  I'm so low on stock right now I hardly have anything on my online shop.  I'm happy to report that I finally officially filed for a business!  I am now Leandra George, LLC!  I was a little nervous but when I started reading business checklist's I realized I was in pretty good shape. 

Anyways onward to the projects...

A few weeks ago I was approached to make some little wallet's for Amy's fiancé, now husband.  This was to be part of his wedding gift to him.  They are currently spending their honeymoon in Australia, so I think it's safe to post pictures of the wallets without having to worry about her husband seeing them.  I didn't want to post them until she had given them to him.

IMG_1614 (Custom).JPG

He prefers a little zip pouch over using a traditional wallet.  The outside fabric is linen to make them more durable.  I added some little appliqué details to give them character. 

IMG_1613 (Custom).JPG

On the back I free motioned embroidered his name, Fletcher.  They are all fully lined in cotton.  After seeing his original zip wallet and how torn up it got with just one layer of cotton, I wanted to make sure these could hold up to the abuse a wallet incurs. 

I think they came out really cute.