"One Man's Trash"


The Red Chair Affair is an event benefiting The Orpheum Theater, an historic building in Wichita.  Local artists were asked to make, create, and/or decorate a chair that will be auctioned off to help the Orpheum.

I wanted to participate but wanted to find a chair that was going to be discarded.  I had an idea to make it be like the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  I still had and have tons of fabric samples from my former job.  They were going to be thrown out before I saved them.


IMG_1774 (Custom).JPG

Some friends were planning to trash this great find but brought it over to me to tear up and donate to the Orpheum.  I thought it had great potential.  They did mention it was uncomfortable to sit in, so I took this into consideration when recovering.  I tore the whole thing apart.  I wanted to reuse the foam but it had button indentions.  I saved the old foam to hopefully use in something.

And After...

IMG_2081 (Custom).JPG

I love it!

I pieced a bunch of fabric samples and a few scraps I had together to make the fabric for recovering.  Most of the fabric samples are over $100 a yard to buy.  That chair has everything from cotton to silk angora fabric samples in it.  Now, I did buy new foam and batting but that was it.  I got 4 inch wide high density foam to make it comfy to sit on.  Originally I had painted the wood base chocolate brown but disliked it so much I repainted it.  The paint color here was made by using leftover paint I had from painting the apartment.  I just mixed them together until I got a color I liked.

IMG_2086 (Custom).JPG

Here is the back of the chair.

Total spent to give this chair new life was under $70.  I couldn't have got fabric for that.  I keep debating if I want to give this away, but it is for a good cause.

My chair as well as the others will be on display at the Orpheum this Friday for Final Friday.  They will all be auctioned off next week at the Red Chair Affair benefit.  If you're interested in bidding on my chair or anyone else, go here for tickets.




Love it... love the lime green!

Love it! It looks super comfy, perfect and laid back. BTW I have the same entertainment center pictured in your "after" photos. Nice overall "after" photo the chair fits great into its surroundings.