Redpath Kitchen Makeover

All last week I painted a friend's kitchen walls.  They wanted an excuse to tear down the wallpaper that covered their kitchen walls and ceiling.  After seeing some of my other paint jobs they expressed they wanted a "Kyle original."  So a few months ago I said lets tear down the paper and do it.  Now it's finally finished!

Let's start with the before.


The wallpaper was so dark it closed in their kitchen.  It didn't help it covered the entire ceiling too.  Now, I used to loath wallpaper but have come to appreciate when done right.  But wallpaper in kitchens and bathrooms just doesn't make any sense to me.  The homeowners attempted to tear it down themselves finding it difficult.  So they hired a handyman to take it down, fix the walls, and paint the base coat.

October 090

We picked out a color that would freshen up the kitchen while coordinating with the tile on the walls and stove hood.  The handyman painted the blue base for me.



I came up with the vine idea from their tile backsplash.  I wanted to reference it to tie them together.  I like to pre draw with chalk instead of a pencil.  I've found sometimes the pencil can be seen under the paint.  Since I was painting white vines on the blue I didn't want this effect to happen. 



I used a small paintbrush to hand paint all of the vines.  While it was labor intensive I did really enjoy doing it.  I still love to paint.  You can see a picture of me working on the walls on my fan page.

Here's after! Ta da!  I love how it came out.  My friends do too.  The kitchen looks brighter and more open now. 

10November_14063 copy

What you cannot see in the picture above is the little creatures living in the vines.  The homeowner's expressed they wanted a few bugs hidden on the walls. They didn't want me to tell them where they were.  They wanted to find them later as a game.  Their excited kids quickly found them all.  Apparently some have been named too.  We have Gerard the Preying Mantis, Beatrix the Ladybug, Francis the Honey Bee, a Dragonfly, and a Brown Recluse Spider.  They were specific it couldn't be any spider, it had to be a brown recluse, lol.


I also recovered four 100 year chairs while I was at their house all week.  There are no before pictures but here is the after of one of them.


Thank you, Steve Redpath, for taking all the wonderful pictures for me to post.



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