World Traveler


My Dad’s birthday was back in November. Since I was so busy working on my birthday I didn’t have a chance to get his gift done. I finally completed it!  My dad travels a lot for his job, China, Belgium, France, the occasional Russia and South Africa. He wanted something to carry his passport and a few essentials when crossing the globe. I used my husband’s passport wallet to come up with this pattern for my Dad’s.



I embroidered his initials on the front. It’s not the best free motion zig zag job but it’s legible. The cord is adjustable with a parachute cord lock. 

It folds up with a Velcro closure almost like a Trapper Keeper. Inside there is a nice organized area for him to keep things in. I’m actually proud of my construction on this part. The wallet is mostly made up of a poly/rayon blend fabric. In areas like the pockets I used a thin polyester lining material to keep it from getting too bulky. 


My dad said he wanted it to keep his passport, a few credit cards, and somewhere to keep his ticket. The passport slot zips shut. That is too valuable to lose. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to get out. The card slots are held in with a piece of webbing and Velcro.  It keeps them from accidentally sliding out. The side has a nice long zipper to hold his boarding pass, cash, and any other odds and ends. 

I hope this gets lots of travel time!  I love when the things I make get real use.