Cars Quilt


My friend’s now 3 year old loves the movie Cars. It was his birthday on Valentine’s Day but they celebrated it this past weekend. He’s more occupied with his new toys but here is the birthday boy and mom with his new quilt. His mom told me he enjoyed snuggling up in it that evening.




One little kid’s gift I love to make is quilts. Their size is manageable and they are quick to make up. I made his quilt in a day. I found images of McQueen, Doc, Sally, Mater, and Guido online. Then I photo shopped the backgrounds out and printed them on printable fabric. I followed the directions on the printable fabric, even washing it after it was printed but had some issues with it. After I pieced, quilted, and washed, the backgrounds of the cars turned a gray color and the images faded a bit. You can see on the picture to the left before I quilted it that the background is white and above they are gray. I was disappointed but it didn’t look horrible. It’s for a 3 year old after all; I don’t think he’s as knit picky as me. The back of the quilt is a red, white, and blue homespun plaid. It’s also used for the binding. I hope you enjoyed looking at is as much as he has been enjoying sleeping with it.