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Workshop Design Wall

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Yesterday I spent an amazing day taking a quilt workshop from the wonderful Jacquie Gering. Jacquie is the president of the Modern Quilt Guild in Kansas City, the largest modern quilt guild. She has been a front runner on the modern movement. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet and take a class from her.

For the workshop she hung flannel sheets up on the wall for us to use as a design wall. You can just stick up what your working on and step back for a better look. No pinning necessary. After having this all day I came home and tore up part of my studio to gain some limited wall estate.

<-----So here is that part of my studio before.









And here is now----->

I moved my loom over to the right against my yellow wall next to my desk. I’m very happy with it. Moving the loom also opened up that area of my studio. It’s been easier walking through. I used some fleece that I already had. Then I stapled it to the wall and put a piece of ribbon over the edges to frame the fleece. Yes, those orange and turquoise squares are what I made in the workshop. I’m loving how they are coming out. The solid orange fabrics I hand dyed. The small swatches of orange print came from Jacquie’s scrap stash she kindly shared with us. I plan on making the orange into a quilt for the living room. The turquoise squares were test squares to make before cutting into the fabric we bought. I have to say I may make them into a quilt too.




Playing Outdoors

My friends have some of the most photogenic children. I spent the day with them yesterday as their parents were putting in a new grow bed. It was a beautiful day out so I brought some of my product over for their oldest, Ronni, to model. Ronni has modeled headbands for me before. I decided to get pictures of her in the back yard playing on the playground. Her littlest brother, Etienne, wanted to ham up to the camera too, so he put a few headbands on to join in the fun, hahaha. Here are a few of my favorites:


IMG_3177Here is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them.