May 2011 Archives


This past weekend I was a vendor for Food For Thought’s, a local natural food grocery store, Spring Fling Outdoor Market. Here is a picture of my booth with my helpers Christine and Ronnie in the back. I worked on stuff for weeks and really happy with the outcome and how well I did. It was also great to meet many of the vendors who I have been following on facebook for awhile.


I had surgery over a month ago for a breast reduction. I’m healing wonderfully and was able to get back to sewing a week after. I could instantly tell the difference on my back from before. Not having neck, shoulder, and back pain anymore let me sew like a maniac. Before I would be extremely sore after sewing a few hours. I worked on making all kinds of product even new items like aprons, tote bags, and eye masks. All the hard work paid off.

Because I was unsure how soon I would heal I asked my friend, Maegan of World Shaking Designs, to come help and sell her handmade goods along with mine. She is a super talented 15 year old.  Maegan also did well selling her stuff too!  Here is a picture of Maegan, Ronnie and I that Food for Thought took of us.


I really like how my booth came out. I actually popped the tent up in our living room and did a dry run set up the week before. I wanted to make sure everything fit and that I had what I needed.

Special thanks to my friend Cynthia for loaning me the two small tables on the left of my booth, Ronnie’s dad, Steve, for loaning me his Mercedes Wagon since our car wouldn’t fit all my stuff, and Christine, Ronnie, and Maegan for coming to help out on Saturday. I have awesome friends and that is what really made this whole thing great!