Anthology of Interest

I love the show Futurama. My husband and I are so addicted we leave episodes playing in the background while working around the apartment and quote lines along with the show. Since we love the show and the latest season started airing last week, I figured I would doodle sew some of the characters as practice while learning my new machine. Ignore the purple, it’s from the marker I used to sketch out the drawing before stitching it down.

This is Leela, captain of the Planet Express Ship. She’s a sassy Cyclops mutant tough female lead that kicks butt. How could I not love her. I’ll forgive her for sleeping with Zap.

This is Bender, “you know the loveable rascal.” Bender is a beer drinking, cigar smoking, thieving robot. In the episode “The Route of All Evil,” Bender homebrews in his tummy and gives birth to an Ale. Richard has a special love for Bender since he homebrews.