Sewing Machine Heaven

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I would like to introduce you to "The Beast," a Bernina 820 8 series. This past Saturday I went to my local Bernina dealer, Midwest Sewing Center, may I add who is awesome, and bought my dream sewing machine. This baby pretty much works itself and sews beautifully. By that afternoon the only thing I knew how to do was power the machine up and program it to say "Feed me fabric om nom nom nom." It's certainly a Beast of a machine thus giving it the name.




Bernina was offering an amazing deal with the 8 series, you could get the Quilt Frame or the Quilt Motion software for free with the purchase of one of these machines. I opted to get the software free and buy the frame since it cost more than twice the frame.

It's a great set up because the machine can be used as a regular sewing machine or placed on the quilt frame to act as a long arm. Kyle from Midwest came to my apartment yesterday and set up the frame so I could get to sewing. I had him only set it up at 5 feet. I can expand it later to it's full length of 10 feet but I didn't need to quilt anything that large yet. Last night I figured out how to attach all three layers of a practice quilt and doodled over 20 inches of free motion quilting.

I pretty much doodle sewed anything that came to mind. I also seemed to stitch pictures that are on my design wall like the ugly Eiffel Tower below. These are by no means amazing. I'm learning to quilt and free motion a completely new way. The 820 came with the Bernina Stitch Regulator foot which senses how fast you're moving across the fabric and adjusts the stitch length accordingly. I'm still getting used to how fast I can move, my machine beeps at me when I'm too fast but I can already tell how nice everything looks with the BSR.












In addition to my new sewing machine I got a Baby Lock Imagine Serger. The tiny serger I have was nice but threading it was such a pain and it didn't cut. The Imagine self threaIMG_4274ds itself with a shot of air! It cuts and sews super fast. So far the only thing I've made on it is a beer brewer's bag for Richard. I also received a free baby sewing machine because it was my first purchase on my Bernina card. This cute Burnette 46 will be great for taking to classes and teaching friends how to sew.

I'm pretty much in sewing machine heaven right now with all my new toys. My brother told me it's like I have a mini sweatshop in a sewing machine museum.

But while I'm in heaven I have to give a few words to my very first sewing machine, the machine I learned to sew on when I was 10 years old, my Kenmore Industrial. He had been sitting collecting dust for years after I received my Bernina Activa 240 in college. I knew I would almost never use it with my new toys so I sold it. Luckily it went to a great home that will put it to work creating all kinds of cool things. If you want to see what my friend Collin will be creating with it check out his fan page. I'm happy it's now with Collin but I can't deny I'm a bit sad to see it go.


You were my first love, you will always have a special place in my heart. I love you, Kenmore!


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I have had my 820 for one year now and love it. I don't have the frame yet just learning the BSR foot. Maybe next year when I make larger quilts. So great to see your blog. I look forward to seeing your work.