Sew Easy a 3 & 5 Year Old Can Do It


Meet Jackson and Étienne my 3 and 5 year old friends. I consider some small children my friends because I like them that much :)


This past weekend we had a small BBQ with some friends for the Fourth of July. Our friends the Redpath’s brought Étienne. Their two oldest are at away camp right now. The Herbert’s brought Jackson. Everyone wanted to play on “The Beast” so I set up another practice quilt as I finished my other one the night before.

I figured Éti would want to play so I set him up on the machine. He really enjoyed moving it around. He drew some random squiggles and a house with a chimney [on the left]. I like it has smoke coming off the top of the chimney. Here’s a video of Éti sewing his house!




Jackson was so enthralled with watching that he got on the seat after Étienne left and insisted on sewing too. He got the hang of moving the machine around and had absolute focus. We’ll work on his speed later. His squiggles are pretty great [on the left]. Here’s Jackson sewing away!



You have to admit, I know some pretty cool kids.