A Fair Move

In the midst of our busy move (Yes, we’re moving to Denver in 13 days!) Richard and I prepped our items to enter into the Kansas State Fair. We will actually pick our stuff up on the last day then drive out to Denver the following day! Busy time ahead! So yesterday Richard and I dropped our entries off. I wanted to share with you what we entered since we won’t see them until the last day. We’d like to know how we did and would appreciate you letting us know!

Everything is in the Clothing and Textiles Department. You can find them in the Domestic Arts building.


First up is my Harry Potter costume. I made the robe, cardigan, skirt and there is also a hand knit scarf and hat with it that is not pictured.


Section: Wearing Apparel

Class: Costume

Update: Won 2nd place!


Here is Christine (left) and I (right) all dressed up for her reception. I made my dress for our Florida trip. To see more images of it check out the blog entry regarding it.


Section: Wearing Apparel

Class: Ladies Casual Dress

Update: Won 3rd place!


The toasty warm coat I made this past winter will be making an appearance too. To see more on it check out it’s blog entry.


Section: Wearing Apparel

Class: Ladies Coat

Update: Won 1st place!


When I made my coat I decided to knit a pair of gloves to go with it. They are made of warm baby alpaca. Here is the best picture of me wearing them. As you can see they match my coat pretty darn well. I also made the hat but that is not in the fair.


Section: Hand Knitting

Class: Gloves and Mittens

Update: Won 2nd place!


After almost a year I finally finished knitting my qiviut scarf! It’s so airy and beautiful. I can’t wait to wear it when it’s cooler out.


Section: Hand Knitting

Class: Hat or Scarf

Update: Won 1st place!


Now to Richard’s entries! He just learned to knit a few months ago so he decided to enter the two items he’s made so far.

For his first project he knitted a hat to go with his Harry Potter scarf I made him from the Part 1 party. He finished it not that long ago so we don’t have a photo of him in it. We quickly took pictures before dropping them off at the fair.


Section: Hand Knitting

Class: Beginning Knitting


Since he’s an avid bike rider, Richard made an ear warmer he could wear under his helmet. It’s made of baby alpaca.


Section: For Men Only

Class: Crocheting, Knitting and Tatting


Let us know if we receive any ribbons!