The Thread of Life



We got to Denver safe and sound but of course not without some bumps in route. But this isn’t about those, to read about the drama of trying to pack and head out check out my friend’s blog entry about it.

We loved our apartment up until we stuffed it with stuff. My husband and I love the idea of tiny living. So we crammed our 1200sq/ft Wichita apartment into our new 888sq/ft Denver apartment. It was certainly tight for a few days but we made it all fit! We unpacked in a week because we are awesome like that. Well, mostly because we both have home offices we had to set up fast. Though, we did have to get a storage unit for some of the furniture we were not able to sell before moving. We are still finding places for some of the bits and bobs laying around and need to finish getting artwork up on the walls. Oh, how I have so much artwork!

Slowly my office is coming together. I need to get more shelves and organization but it’s coming. At least I got my thread organized. Color ordering hundreds of spools takes time, but they look so pretty when done! The Beast and my sewing machines are set up but the desks are so cluttered I don’t have room to sew. I’m hoping to get back to crafting this week.

We did go to a local vineyard this past weekend. It was beautiful day for a wine tasting! Other than that we haven’t been around the area much yet.