Beards don’t warm you like a handmade coat!

IMG_0718It’s been such a warm winter I thought I’d finally share something wintery with you. This is my handsome husband, Richard. You thought his big beard was the wintery thing I was going to share with you, didn’t you? But alas, no, it's his wool peacoat I completed last month! It snowed a few weeks ago so we ran out to a park nearby to get shots of him sporting his coat in the wintery weather. Of course it’s all melted now.

His coat took a lot of time planning and prepping as I’ve never really made men’s wear before and that I was quite stumped for a pattern. It’s a shame that there are so few men’s sewing patterns. So I used a women’s peacoat pattern combined with many pictures of men’s peacoats to come up with his coat. Then I cut a muslin to alter and fit to Richard. After weeks of prepping I nervously cut into the final fabric to create his coat. I’m quite pleased with how it came out! I also have to add, he made the knitted hat and the gloves he is wearing! He’s doing an awesome job at knitting!

The outer shell of the coat is made with 100% black wool fabric. It has a small twill pattern woven into it.  Richard and I spent some time looking through all the buttons at the fabric store until he settled on one he liked. The front of the coat is adorned with traditional sailor peacoat buttons. They have an anchor on them.

I’m actually quite proud of the job I did on his pockets. I did classic welt pockets. Since there is no going back once you slice the fabric, I made a few practice ones until it was just right before attempting on his coat. I made his collar so he could prop it up and fasten with a button around his neck. I did this on my coat and like using it when it’s cold out. I had a hell of time getting the back pleat of the coat right. After many times of trial and error I finally got it. Please ignore that it’s wrinkled in the photo.


Inside I lined the coat with a quilted rayon lining. I quilted the lining to merino batting to make it extra insulated. Richard actually picked out the rust color thread to quilt with and the puzzle piece pattern. The quilting was done by The Beast on the computerized set up for the quilting frame. Who says lining has to be boring? I think it’s an unexpected fun touch to his coat!


I hope you enjoyed seeing his coat and staying as warm as my husband has been!