My Little Friends

11May_21108Another friend’s baby announcement. Another baby quilt to make on the pile of to do’s. I’ve come to an age in my life where everyone around me is procreating… and well I’m not. To be upfront, I’m childfree. My husband and I have decided we don’t want to have children. There is a long list of why but mainly because we just don’t feel or have the interest of having kids personally.

And I’m really not partial to babies or very young children. They hold no interest to me. I like when they are old enough to do crafty projects with and can tell me about their day and if they are well behaved. Then these few become my little friends. These amazing kids have just as amazing parents but today I want to share with you the children in my life I do love. And in something or with something I made them!

First up is the Redpath clan. This is a picture of the three blondies with their dad in Hawaiian shirts I made for them. Since moving to Denver I realize I really miss these munchkins a lot. My husband and I spent many days at their house cooking with their parents and playing with the kids. They have all been featured in my blog many times. Carl on the far left, is the creative artsy middle child, who loves Star Wars. I dressed up as princess Leia for his birthday last year. Veronica, aka Ronni, is the rambunctious super smarty older sister. Nothing gets by this child. Ronni is my headband model for some current items in my shop. She’s so photogenic with that cute smile and blonde hair. The little one, Étienne, is the charmer. He has one of those personalities that makes the ladies love him. He’ll get far in life with that natural allure. I made him a book bag this past summer since he was starting kindergarten.


Up next is the Jastine family! Since Christine kept her maiden name, my husband thought it would be funny to make a combined name to refer them by, so Jastine was born. The little guy in the picture above is Jackson. He gives really great hugs. I miss those the most. He just turned 4 years old on Valentine’s Day. This photo was taken at his birthday last year with a Cars quilt I made him. He’s not so interested in the quilt here but when I got The Beast this past summer he and Étienne actually took it for a test drive on the long arm quilt set up and did really well. Jackson will be expecting a baby brother this spring! (Another quilt to work on)

Eliana Purple hat

Lastly, is new family, the Resnick’s! This is baby Eliana! I have not met her yet to tell you more about her personality but I think she looks like her daddy. I do call her “The Owl” though since she keeps her mom up at all hours. I knitted up a few hats to keep her head warm since she was born in November. Here she is in the fuzzy purple one. (She’s still waiting on her baby quilt that will have elephants on it!)

This year I’ll have lots more little friends to tell you about as they come into the world and the projects I make for them!