Project Runway is my Sport!


IMG_0707 (Medium)I realize it’s been awhile since I last posted a blog entry but I’m just not much of a blogger. This needs to change as I’ve had so many great things happen since we’ve moved to Denver. I have been lucky enough to meet some of my idols and participate in some great events!

Mondo Guerra from season 8 of Project Runway, who should have won, hosts viewing parties in Denver. Since he is currently on All Stars, he has been hosting viewing parties themed to the challenge that week. This week’s challenge was clothes off your back. They had to go around Central Park and ask people for their clothing to make into something new. And guess who’s outfit won, Mondo! Yay! So last week Mondo asked his viewing party fans to partake in a similar challenge. He supplied us with some of his t-shirt merchandise and we had a week to create a new garment. Of course I signed up!

I have to say that I hate T-shirts. I’m talking about the standard T-shirt. I just don’t think they are flattering on women unless they are fitted.  I also hate the shredded, ruffled, unfinished look of re-purposed T-shirts that are so popular. I knew right away that I wanted to do something clean and unexpected. I have enjoyed making outwear lately so I thought, why not a jacket! My instant thought was a racer jacket as I have a habit of telling people, “Project Runway is my sport,” when they start talking about football. And I needed something to sport “Team Mondo.”

Here are the shirts I started with. I loved the teal Day of the Dead shirt and wanted to do something that featured that print. I also knew I wanted to do some piecework to incorporate my quilting. As for the pattern for the jacket, I used the T-shirt shape as the basis and then fitted it to my dress form and myself to get the right fit. So it’s an original pattern!

The diamond pattern was created by fusing the T-shirt material to some Heat and Bond Lite. I then cut the shape to fuse to the back of my jacket. I stitched around each diamond with the same colored thread to add extra hold. Then I stitched with white thread to create an argyle pattern and finished the back by fusing and stitching the Day of the Dead Skull to the middle back.


The front of the jacket used the back of the teal shirt. I cut out Mondo’s signature to make a front emblem with the different colored T-shirts. Instead of doing a center zip I thought it would be way cooler to do a side zip and have the zipper exposed. I love how it came out! On the collar I fused and stitched the screen print of Mondo’s name to the back. The collar snapped on the front with glittery button details. The sleeves were pieced together and stay stitched on top. I also added the same glittery button detail to each cuff edge.

Mondo Jacket (Medium)





I’m a bit anal retentive about details and have to have things lined and stay stitched. I think it just makes everything look finished and professional. Inside, the jacket was fully lined with a black cotton stretch material. The same material used in T-shirts. I also used some of the T-shirt logos to add a bit of pizazz to the lining!

At the viewing party they had all the entrants get up on stage and the audience voted on their favorite. I made it past Round 1. Then the winner of Round 2 and I went up against each other. The other girl made a hoodie dress! Because Mondo has been in the position of being judged, he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and awarded both of us with the prize. We got tickets to next week’s Goodwill Fashion Show!

IMG_0699IMG_0708Afterward, I asked Mondo to sign my jacket. I was very flattered when he mentioned he had to own my jacket! I gave his assistant my card about it. I don’t know if I want to sell it because I LOVE it! Maybe he’ll let me create a second one just for him. We’ll see!





When I saw the front of the jacket I really liked it. When I saw the back of the jacket I fell in LOVE. It is so UBER Mondo-esqe! The argyle detail, the mask, the name on neck, you even got the off center zip like his winning look! So impressive! I can see why Mondo would like one, I want one. I think I need to dust off a sewing machine I never used and attempt something after seeing this. Well done!!! xoNS :) <3

I was there last night and totally cheered you on!! I'm so glad you won!! I'd live a jacket like that too!! Oh and welcome to Denver!!! :)

Shut Up! That is amazing and I want it! You are uber talented!!!

I love, love, love it

This is awesome!!!! I love it!!! And I'm so jealous on you getting to meet Mondo. He's the best and you're absolutely right - he should have won season 8!!!!