May 2012 Archives

Snack Happy

A few weeks ago I ordered some new fabrics for my reusable snack and sandwich bags. Many of the fabrics I currently use in my bags are being discontinued. It’s also nice to freshen up items with fun new motifs. The fabric to the left called “Fish Fry,” cracks me up. I’m hoping this will appeal to the man crowd. Below are some completed snack bags in the new fabrics. I’ll be launching them on my website this week. For now you can buy my current collection.



Bright Modern Quilts


Here are a few quilts I finished up recently.

The orange quilt was finally finished when I made tablecloths for my craft booth. I had been using the front and back as table covers. It was about time to finish it up. All of the solid orange fabrics were hand dyed.  I quilted it on my smaller machine. I stitched diamonds from the center out.


After receiving my copy of Modern Blocks I decided to make up a bunch of the blocks in it using only scrap fabric. The white background is muslins leftover from drafting clothing so the whites vary. Even the binding is scrap bits of binding left over from previous quilts. The back is an Ikea fabric that I have a ton of. I quilted it on the long arm set up for the Beast. The quilting is small concentric rectangles all over it.