Star Wars: Pirates Attack

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My good friends, the Jastine, celebrated the birth of their second boy, Benjamin, over Easter weekend. Today I want to share his baby quilt. I finished it up and mailed it to the family last week. I really had fun making Ben’s quilt.

I noticed in Christine and Jason’s baby registry there were a lot of pirate themed stuff. They picked the theme to coordinate with older brother, Jackson’s, room. The ships were pieced together using the Set Sail pattern from the book Modern Blocks. I made them three different sizes. The little colored flags were hand appliqued on. On the back I pieced a Mariner’s Compass. I can now tell you that was not as easy as it looked. I basically winged it from a compass picture.


I machine quilted the quilt in a free motion style on my regular sewing machine. The sea was quilted in an ocean swirl pattern. The boats were stitched to look like wood grain. I even quilted a skull and crossbones on the top right black sail of the pirate ship. For the sky I mostly stitched clouds with stars but I added a few special touches.


The Jastine family LOVES Star Wars. Dad, Jason, knows the movies by heart, has read all the books, and has a collection of figurines. Jackson has emulated this love too. I figure Ben will too as he grows up. When I started planning the pirate quilt I wanted to do a night scape with a moon but I had the idea of the moon being the Death Star. So I quilted a Death Star in the sky and of course added a few X-Wings chasing a TIE Fighter.


Apparently when the Jastine got the quilt, Christine kept telling Jason, “Look at the stitching, look.” He finally saw the surprise!

I also added another cute touch to the quilt by embroidering Ben’s full name. On the two British ships I stitched HMS followed by his first and surname. The pirate ship just has his middle name (you can see in the image above). I originally thought of embroidering his name on each flag of the ship but Richard came up with the idea of his name being the the ship names.

The border is comprised of a thin red flange and a 1 inch white sash. I have been addicted to adding flanges to quilts. They add such a nice touch. The binding is made from a great brown and ivory wonky stripe fabric.

The Jastine has claimed this will be a family heirloom. Which is fine, as long as it’s a well loved and a well used family heirloom.

I hope you enjoyed checking out Baby Ben’s quilt as much as I enjoyed making it.

Happy Sailing,


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Love this project- it is beyond cool and I am sure they will pass it down for generations…