Tuesday Tips Tricks and Tools #3

imageI’m in the process of moving to a new place this week so my studio is in disarray. And I’m using a stock photo since I can’t find my camera. Anyways, my move made me think about traveling with sewing like what to pack when going to a class, a conference, or sew in. I decided to share with you my favorite tool to take, the Bernina Lady’s Knife. When I first saw this thing I thought, “OMG a Swiss army knife made for me.” I had to have it. Here’s Bernina’s description of it:

“The versatile tool, dubbed the 'Swiss Sewessential: the ultimate Swiss sewing accessory', consists of 17 superbly crafted individual tools, including a special rotary knife, awl and hem-measure, and combines outstanding BERNINA quality with WENGER's tried-and-tested precision. The practical pocket sewing tool's 'multifunction tool' represents a further sophisticated innovation launched by BERNINA: the universal tool encompasses a handful of individual gadgets that are a breeze to remove and reinsert.”

What I love about it is it really does have the essentials of sewing. I usually bring my full size rotary cutter but if I forgot it I can whip out the lady’s knife. Forgot to bring marking chalk, it’s got it. Need an eyeglass to thread a needle, yep there is one on it too. Oh, seam ripper went missing for the twentieth time, just yank the one from your knife. It’s awesome! I don’t use it as much at home but I do love taking it with me on the go. I’ve also found it to be a great conversation starter. As you know quilter’s love seeing and learning about new sewing toys.

Well, I need to get back to packing. My fabric won’t do it itself.