September 2012 Archives

Since I’ve been MIA from moving here is a quick recap of the past month:

Moved into new apartment. We are settled in and really loving our new place. Lots of light and outdoor space to enjoy the Denver weather in. I also have a bigger studio!!! More space for fabric! I’ll post pictures soon.

Started at Boot Camp to get a daily ass kicking. I actually enjoy it and this is coming from girl who is “allergic to exercise.”


Threw a housewarming party so our friends could come see our new place. I found a paint by number fabric at Ikea that you can set up on a table for party fun. Paint by number, whooohoo!

Participated in a few fairs. The Horseshoe Market at Georgetown and the Boulder County Farmer’s Market.


Won a few ribbons at the Denver County Fair. The coat I made Richard last year won 1st and his Indiana Jones costume won 2nd.

Registered for Quiltcon!!! For those who don’t know what it is, it’s the first Modern Quilt Conference. I’m a quilty nerd. I’m also going to the International Quilt Festival next month. Told you, nerd.


I’ve been working on this baby quilt for a friend. Here is a sneak preview of it. I don’t want to show you more in case mom and dad see it. It is based on the baby quilt pattern from Quilting Line and Color by Yoshiko Jinzenji.

Launched a new item in my Etsy shop, Bicycle Handlebar Bags! I only have 2 available right now but check them out.


I made this over the weekend to take on my upcoming vacation/5 Year Anniversary! We are going to a private resort outside of Cancun Mexico. I actually patterned it off a Banana Republic dress I bought last year that I love to wear. It’s made from a rayon knit print I bought at Mood in NYC. I’m working on more dresses for vacation.

And of course since we decided to stay in Denver we ate and drank lots of good food and beer.