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Eights Quilt in Progress

I’ve been working on this quilt for my Dad and Step Mom. When I was in Houston for the Quilt Festival my Dad purchased the Bernina Quilt Motion tablet for me. As a thanks for this amazing piece of equipment I decided I’d make them a quilt for their bed. Their bed is a King so this is the largest quilt I’ve ever made. Dad Diane Quilt

For Christmas I bought myself Electric Quilt 7. I used EQ7 to design their quilt. I opted for really giant quilt blocks over smaller, 28in blocks. I thought they would look great on such a big bed. It took so many hours to cut the blocks out. I sat with a board on my lap cutting while watching movies in the living room.


The color palette comes from their home. Diane, my Step Mom, painted the rooms in vineyard colors of burgundy, leaf green, creams, and golds. They have a black and gold bedspread on their bed currently. I liked the black contrast with the golden walls so I decided to reflect that. I wanted the octagons to be featured using many different fabrics with a solid background. I used black Kona.


I completed the blocks last week. It was nice to find that my studio has a enough space to layout a King quilt. Of course my kitties had to help and in arranging them too, as in making what I laid out a mess. I’ll post more pictures as the quilt comes together.



I’ve been making my favorite kid, Ronni, a quilt. I started it over the summer but markets and sales got in the way of completing it. Ronni saw it about half done when her family stopped in Denver on their move to Seattle. She was excited to put it on her bed. I finally completed the piecing the other day.


The pattern is the Valentine quilt from The Practical Guide to Patchwork. She uses four colors but I wanted to use six.


For the back I’m using this awesome fabric that I found at Ikea awhile ago. I think the colors go great with the front.


Now it just needs to be quilted. Here it is on the frame ready to go. I’ll make sure to post pictures when it’s done.




Canned Scraps

A few weeks ago, Bernina posted a blog entry about ways to organize your sewing studio which led me to another blog about ways to sort your scrap fabric. Someone had colored sorted their scraps into canning jars. It was such a great idea I ordered a dozen half gallon jars.

Now all sorted, it’s easy to find the scrap you want. I also think it makes them look pretty as opposed to being all squished messily in a box.


I used to sort them by color in Ziploc bags but the bags would get smothered down in the box or I would get lazy about having to find the color bag the scrap belonged to. I think having the jars out easy to see and access will keep me from getting lazy about sorting.

How do you organize and sort your scraps?



Tweedy Winter Coat

This past summer my Mom moved back to her hometown in upstate New York after spending more than 20 years living in the South. I knew she didn’t have a winter coat to could tolerate the snow so for Christmas I made her one. It’s a late Christmas gift as I just finished it yesterday. At least I’m getting it to her early enough to enjoy using it this season.


I was determined to get 100% wool fabric for the outer shell. I was pretty disappointed at the expensive mostly poly wool blend fabrics at most fabric stores. This gave me a chance to check out a store I heard about in Littleton, Denver Fabrics, that carries apparel and home décor fabrics. It was awesome!

My mom LOVES purple. I managed to find this purple, black, and white wool tweed in the sale section for under $10 a yard. I found the lining in the table sale. You can’t get it cut but it’s marked with how many yards there are with the deeply discounted price. The lining was something like $3.20 a yard and there was 2.5 yards! I will definitely keep going back to Denver Fabrics for apparel fabrics.


I quilted the lining to the last of the merino batting I used on Richard and my coat. This makes the coat extra warm.


The coat pattern is from Simplicity. It’s a well done pattern. Being that my mom is the same size as me, it was easy to get the fit of the coat right. When I had it on to fit the sleeves Richard remarked how much I looked like my mom in the coat. He responded, “It’s so not you, it’s your mom and you just look like her in it,” with a face of take the coat off.


I turned the coat inside out so you can see the lining. I love having something unexpected in the lining of a coat.

I was excited to find the buttons. While they are more magenta, I liked they had a hatched pattern in black that was similar to the coat fabric.


When my mom gets her coat I’ll get my Step Dad to take pictures of her in it so I can post them.

Stay Warm,


Last month my friends, Tara and Gabe, celebrated the birth of their first baby, Conor David! He was a surprise in that mom and dad didn’t want to know the sex. So as he grew Tara would tell us how big he was in relation to fruits. This gave me an idea for a quilt that could be great for a boy or girl.

I had seen the Hungry Caterpillar fabric line and remembered there was a fruit border with the caterpillar eating holes through it. And so I ordered most of the adorable line!


It’s a simple quilt in that I used the Hungry Caterpillar panel in the center and just did a few rows of sashing. But it’s more complex in that I used trapunto in it. Trapunto is a technique in which you stuff areas on a quilt to create a raised decorative feature. The leaf, butterfly, and caterpillar were all done in this manner. While it’s hard to show, above and below the butterfly I also used this technique to put the baby’s name on the quilt.


I actually drafted out the quilting on a piece of paper as I wanted to do different designs all over the quilt. I free motioned the whole quilt on the Beast and while I’m happy with it overall, I had some tension issues. P1000679 copy

In the end though, I don’t think Conor will notice, he’ll just be happy he’s warm!



End of the World Recap

Whew! Last year was busy and fun. By the time October hit I was in a whirl wind of travel and sewing. How about a quick recap from then.

Beginner of October my husband and I celebrated our 5th anniversary so we took a trip to an all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We had a fun time making new international friends.P1000231 copy

I made my silk dress and Richard’s linen pants!


For another year I missed Halloween to attend the International Quilt Festival, but really I can’t say no to pretty quilts. It was also nice to get in touch with a college friend who just launched her first fabric line, Luxe in Bloom, with Art Gallery Fabrics.


I took a class on Impressionist Confetti Quilting to Noriko Endo and a class on Trapunto with Philippa Naylor.


I took too many pictures to narrow it down so here are a few.


In November I turned 27 with a sock hop birthday party!


Over Thanksgiving we spent two weeks with our friends in Seattle. Friends, food, beer and wine. It was great!



December was crazy with holiday markets. The first three weekends of the month were all dedicated to them. I crafted and sewed my heart out. I was so busy I didn’t get Christmas presents done and barely got my cards out in time. But in the end I’m happy I did all the markets. They were great!


And last here is my Christmas tree!