Tweedy Winter Coat

This past summer my Mom moved back to her hometown in upstate New York after spending more than 20 years living in the South. I knew she didn’t have a winter coat to could tolerate the snow so for Christmas I made her one. It’s a late Christmas gift as I just finished it yesterday. At least I’m getting it to her early enough to enjoy using it this season.


I was determined to get 100% wool fabric for the outer shell. I was pretty disappointed at the expensive mostly poly wool blend fabrics at most fabric stores. This gave me a chance to check out a store I heard about in Littleton, Denver Fabrics, that carries apparel and home décor fabrics. It was awesome!

My mom LOVES purple. I managed to find this purple, black, and white wool tweed in the sale section for under $10 a yard. I found the lining in the table sale. You can’t get it cut but it’s marked with how many yards there are with the deeply discounted price. The lining was something like $3.20 a yard and there was 2.5 yards! I will definitely keep going back to Denver Fabrics for apparel fabrics.


I quilted the lining to the last of the merino batting I used on Richard and my coat. This makes the coat extra warm.


The coat pattern is from Simplicity. It’s a well done pattern. Being that my mom is the same size as me, it was easy to get the fit of the coat right. When I had it on to fit the sleeves Richard remarked how much I looked like my mom in the coat. He responded, “It’s so not you, it’s your mom and you just look like her in it,” with a face of take the coat off.


I turned the coat inside out so you can see the lining. I love having something unexpected in the lining of a coat.

I was excited to find the buttons. While they are more magenta, I liked they had a hatched pattern in black that was similar to the coat fabric.


When my mom gets her coat I’ll get my Step Dad to take pictures of her in it so I can post them.

Stay Warm,