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Flying Geese Biker Club

Yep, that’s my new quilter’s biking club! Bicycle club maybe.

I have been getting ready to go to Quiltcon, the first Modern Quilt Conference. One of the events they will be having is an 80’s party to meet other quilters. As you all know, for me any excuse to dress up is a great excuse. I wanted to do something different from being dressed in workout gear and leg warmers. My inspiration was Madonna’s biker jacket look. My coat isn’t finished, well for the most part it is. I just need silver snap buttons on the bottom cuff and epaulettes. Really just some last minute easy finishes.


The electric purple-blue fabric is a Kona cotton. I seriously couldn’t resist the color.

I used Kwik Sew’s pattern K3764. It’s a good pattern but it lacks in some things I wanted. I changed it up, but when do I ever follow a pattern completely. Though I do love the zipper detailing.


I have issues with coat patterns that DON'T have lining instructions. Drives me nuts! Luckily I know how to add one so I did. I had a bunch of lining left over from the coat I made my mom. Her lining is awesome with the outside color.


So Biker’s need an insignia so you can identify who they are with, right? I made a quilt block as my patch! I used a paper pieced block of flying geese in a circle from the book Modern Blocks. I love this block. To me it’s very modern and fun.


Also Biker’s need a cat to help them make their badass jacket. Tabitha looks pretty comfy. Matilda slept behind the sewing machine most of the time.


I love my new biker jacket. I will seriously wear it all the time. And it only looks 80’s when paired with a tank, mini skirt, leggings, lots of necklaces, and fingerless gloves. Yes, I did a costume test run.



Bicycle Flippies Suck

Last week while I was riding home with my husband I did a flip and took a dive on my bicycle. We are pretty sure I hit a small uneven pot hole just right to put me in the air. While I was on the ground under my bike trying to asses what had happened to me the first thought that came into my head was, “Did I tear my coat?” You see I made my peacoat a few years ago and it’s won quite a few ribbons. I was more worried about it than myself. While Richard pulled my bike off me asking if I was okay I reiterated the question out loud. Of course he was yelling at me asking if I had broke anything. Luckily I walked away from the accident with just some bump, bruises, and soreness. Though I did find a hole in my right sleeve. I limped home with my bike out of alignment cursing a slew of obscenities like, “Fuck, I tore my coat!!!!”


My muscles tensed up super sore for a few days after the accident and bruises on my knees and hip came in shades of the rainbow but again I was lucky no to have been in a worse situation. I was more ticked I didn’t feel good enough to sew.


Now it’s on to the big question… how to repair my coat. The hole isn’t quite on my elbow so I feel like a big patch would like ridiculous. Maybe I’ll darn it. I don’t really know right now.

Any of you have ideas?