Bicycle Flippies Suck

Last week while I was riding home with my husband I did a flip and took a dive on my bicycle. We are pretty sure I hit a small uneven pot hole just right to put me in the air. While I was on the ground under my bike trying to asses what had happened to me the first thought that came into my head was, “Did I tear my coat?” You see I made my peacoat a few years ago and it’s won quite a few ribbons. I was more worried about it than myself. While Richard pulled my bike off me asking if I was okay I reiterated the question out loud. Of course he was yelling at me asking if I had broke anything. Luckily I walked away from the accident with just some bump, bruises, and soreness. Though I did find a hole in my right sleeve. I limped home with my bike out of alignment cursing a slew of obscenities like, “Fuck, I tore my coat!!!!”


My muscles tensed up super sore for a few days after the accident and bruises on my knees and hip came in shades of the rainbow but again I was lucky no to have been in a worse situation. I was more ticked I didn’t feel good enough to sew.


Now it’s on to the big question… how to repair my coat. The hole isn’t quite on my elbow so I feel like a big patch would like ridiculous. Maybe I’ll darn it. I don’t really know right now.

Any of you have ideas?