Fun is what you make it at Quiltcon

Wow, Quiltcon was a blast. I had a great time seeing all the beautiful quilts, learning from my idols, attending lectures, making friends, and seeing old faces. I have to say all of the instructors, published authors, fabric designers, renown quilters were all so nice and down to earth.

If you remember in my last post I was working on an 80's biker jacket for Quiltcon. I finished it in time and enjoyed wearing it the whole weekend. It got a lot of attention and people used it as my identifier.

Richard and I arrived in Austin Wednesday afternoon. We stayed at the Radisson 3 blocks from the convention center. It was nice as many of the instructors and quilters stayed there too. In the evenings many of the Quiltcon attendees sat in the lobby chatting and it was a great way to meet everyone.

I checked in Wednesday. Upon registration I ran into the wonderfully creative Jacquie Gering and the gals from Pink Castle Fabrics. It was great to quickly catch up with Jacquie. The orange quilt I made was from a class I took with her back in Wichita.

The swag bag of goodies that Quiltcon gave was amazing. Check out the white zip pouch that says, "Don't bother me, I'm sewing". I quickly discovered the pouches all said different things. When I discovered the one pictured with me below, I knew I had to have it. I managed a trade for it!


Wednesday evening for dinner Richard and I met up with an old friend from college, Rhonda, who had also come in for the conference. We had not seen each other in almost 7 years. It was great catching up and finding out Rhonda opened a quilt shop in Beaufort, SC.

Thursday I took Jacquie Gering's Building Bridges class. She is such a heartfelt compassionate teacher. She showed us some great tricks and tips for improvisational piecing.


While I loved the angular look of the bridges Jacquie had done, I felt drawn to curved bridges instead. Here are my two curved bridges I made in class. I was having more fun experimenting with the techniques she showed us in class.


My Dad and Step Mom came up a few days to see us while in Austin. Thursday evening we all went to the Alamo Drafthouse Theater to Quote-a-long with Office Space. The Alamo gave us all mini staplers and pieces of flare! My dad had never seen the film. Richard on the other hand can quote the whole thing. After the movie a printer was put out in the back alley where we all got to take turns swinging a bat at it and smashing it to bits!

Friday I enjoyed breakfast with the family and taking lectures most of the afternoon. That evening I got dolled up in my 80's gear to have dinner with the family and to attend the 80's dance party put on by BabyLock. I wore a coral tank top, my biker jacket, shiny black leggings with a purple mini skirt over them (the mini skirt is a tube top I pushed down.) I accessorized with some lacy black fingerless gloves, lots of necklaces, the white sunglasses Quiltcon gave us, and a bow headband I made out of my friend, Sarah Watson's fabric line. Yep, I totally talked her up.IMG_20130222_182846IMG_20130222_182852The party was a blast. My biker jacket got a ton of compliments and I had many people asking to take pictures of it. I had a great time dancing around and making friends. And Irish Dancing to anything gets you a lot of popularity. Let's just say the night didn't end after the 80's party and many things were done that should not be posted on the internet. P1000978

Rhonda and I


Jay McCarroll, Season 1 Project Runway Winner, Rhonda, and I

Saturday I peeled myself out of bed to have breakfast with the family before they went back home to Houston. That afternoon Richard and I walked around the quilt show.

During the Building Bridges class I made friends with my neighbor, Brianna. She mentioned her fiancée lives in Denver. We quickly discovered our beau's love to homebrew and enter competitions around the area. While Richard and I walked the quilt show we ran into Brea where she said, "Hold on a sec let me show you something. Is that you?" to Richard. Her fiancée had sent a picture of a homebrew competition scorecard with a judges name on it. We realized Richard had judged her fiancée's beer in the recent completion. Small world, eh!?!!

Here a few pictures of my favorite quilts.


I loved the quilting on this one. Pieced by Tula Pink and quilted by Angela Walters.


Sunday I took Advanced Paper Piecing with Penny Layman. She helped make sense of all the mistakes I had made attempting to make my own paper pieced items.


Penny's Design


The class's curved piecing


Learning Y seams

Originally I had drawn a fox to piece but after seeing it was a difficult first piecing I changed my design. Richard had just texted me with the results from his latest homebrew competition and a light bulb went on. Instead I sketched out a Conical Fermenter used in brewing beer. I got about a third of it pieced in class and finished it when I got home.


Monday morning I got a text from Rhonda that she had won the Marmalade Quilt Raffle! Go Rhonda! We both purchased 6 tickets in hopes of winning it or the Quiltcon quilt. Here's her new quilt!


After enjoying a second visit to Frank, the hotdog place in Austin, Richard and I flew home to Denver. While I loved all the quilting in the end I really enjoyed all the new relationships I made at Quiltcon. I look forward to attending the next one.