Junipers Minimalist Quilt

I swear it’s baby season! Awhile back my friends, Athena and Austin, had their first baby, Juniper Grey! I went to college with Athena and Austin and knew I needed to do something creative. While shopping at Ikea I came by a fabric that screamed Athena with the illustrative designs on the back. I didn’t want to go pink and fru fru so I went purple and minimalist. I used a pattern from Quilting Line and Color: Techniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts by Yoshiko Jinzenji.

2013-01-09 20.24.19

It’s pretty much a whole cloth quilt with applique on it. I cut some corners on the applique. On the linear pieces I sewed one side with my machine. Then I folded it over and hand appliqued the other side. It cut the hand applique time in half.


I also opted to machine quilt the blanket instead of hand quilting it. I used the same diagonal pattern Yoshiko uses in her book.


Lastly, I added a special touch of embroidering Juniper’s name in the middle of the quilt.


Here is the finished quilt. I love the binding on this quilt. It’s a piped binding that Yoshiko uses on the baby quilts in her book. It’s really easy to do and looks so nice.


Here is the fun Ikea fabric I used as the back.