May 2013 Archives

I had some friends and family get married recently so I made them up a nice handmade gift they could use in their new homes. I made each couple a set of oven mitts, hot pads, 6 coasters, and 6 linen/rayon napkins. It worked out that they both could use similar gifts so I made them the same sets but in different colors to fit each couple.

My friends, Spencer and Brittany, have been dating since I first met them in college my freshman year. It was a happy moment to see them tie the knot as they had been together so long. Right before their wedding Spencer got a job in New York so he and Brittany relocated. They basically go rid of everything before they moved so there would be less to cart. I figured they needed some kitchen items.


They are really big into swing dancing. I actually met them from the swing dance group in college. I wanted something that reminded me of the swingin’ times. I used blacks, browns, white, and deep purple fabrics with swirly bold patterns. On each napkin I used a different strip of fabric. All of the other items are pieced with the same fabrics throughout them.


My step-brother, Austin got married the first weekend of May. His now wife, Nicole, and him registered for a dinning set that had blacks, teals and brown colors in it. I decided to use that as my inspiration for their kitchen set so it would look nice with their new dishes.


I liked how much Brit and Spencer’s napkins came out, I had to do the same for Austin and Nicole.


Before shipping the kitchen sets I added a little professional touch. I wrapped each item with my logo telling them what each item was and how to care for them.


I like how nice they looked. I hope both couples enjoy using them in their new lives together.



Last week I mailed Veronica her new quilt. She received it in the mail on Saturday. She was pretty excited to get it and put it on her bed. Her dad took photos of her with her quilt and emailed them to me. Thanks, Steve! I thought I’d share them with you.


I love that her purple shirt matches her quilt.



Veronica's mom, Judy, asked me to make some Kindle cases for their friend’s Twins.


Clara is on the left and Grace is on the right.


Judy sent me some Heather Ross Far Far Away 2 fabric to make the cases out of. I had some Amy Butler fabric in the same motif but two different colorways that went great with the Heather Ross fabric.

I think all the munchkins enjoyed their new gifts!